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Achieve Greater Productivity

Our experience has shown that people who receive the same training often show different levels of productivity after the training. 


This can occur due to differences in learning styles, course content retention levels, understanding of technology enhancements, and sometimes because of a lack of software use.

To assist users in getting the most out of their engineering software, we offer two types of knowledge assessment tools designed to identify existing proficiency levels and offer future training recommendations:

User Knowledge Profile

Our User Knowledge Profile (UKP), evaluates basic CATIA and Pro/ENGINEER skills such as creating simple features, sketches, and assemblies through a series of CAD practice exercises, hands-on tasks, and quizzes.

Our UKP is delivered online, takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and provides users with a final report identifying software proficiencies plus any areas that require improvement. As part of this report, users receive a recommended targeted learning path.

User Quizzes

Our User Quiz (UQ), accurately measures your current knowledge of core software functionality through a series of technical questions related to your software. Upon completion of a User Quiz, we’ll email you your results which will assist in identifying skill gaps before proceeding onto advanced training. Depending on the results of the User Quiz, specific training courses may be recommended.

Combined with our instructor-led training, CAD practice exercises, and targeted eLearning solutions, users can be confident of having the prerequisite knowledge and skills as they move to each level of their training program.

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