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CAD Classes Designed for the Real-World

Our classroom instruction is designed to replicate situations our clients regularly encounter on the job. Our research has shown that by preparing our clients in this way, they return to the workplace with the knowledge needed to get their job done in more efficient and cost-effective ways. 

In our small classes, you will learn an operation through a series of short lectures followed by hands-on practice of the skills presented.

Instructor-Led In Person CAD CAM Training

Our in person training programs are taught by our own full-time Technical Training Engineers, who are certified in instructional delivery and experts in the software application. It is for this reason that we often refer to our instructor-led training as Expert-Led training, because our classes are led by Subject-Matter Experts. Their focus is on increasing job productivity by applying best usage instruction, not on learning theory. Using courseware from our ASCENT- Center for Technical Knowledge division, our classes are designed to replicate situations users will encounter back on the job.


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