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We know that companies are driven to generate designs that are timely, reliable and accurate while striving for continuous improvement in modeling. To help with this challenge, a targeted learning approach may be the answer.

At Rand 3D, we can create a custom CAD training program that is targeted to your specific engineering and manufacturing environment.

Our custom CAD training classes: 
  • Focus on client-specific content so you can increase staff efficiency and productivity
  • Save time in the classroom: learn only what you need to in order to get back to the job at hand
  • Result in better tool use: this leads to reduced duplication of effort and time spent on problem solving and correcting mistakes
  • Lead to improved customer satisfaction: better quality work leads to better quality products, resulting in satisfied customers
Our training can be customized in a variety of ways to suit your needs through five levels of customization levels. Choose the level that best suits what your company needs and we'll create custom courseware and deliver the training class at your site for minimal disruption to your workflow.

To learn more about our customization services, watch this short 3 minute video from ASCENT, developers of off-the-shelf and custom guides used in Rand 3D classes:


Hear from 2 customers who used Rand 3D to develop custom courseware for their organizations:

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