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CATIA Numerical Control Manufacturing

Duration: 5 Days

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In this course, learn to define and manage prismatic (2.5 Axis) operations, being aware of all capabilities in terms of strategies, parameters and transition paths. By the end of this course, you will be able to use Common platform for 2.5 to 5-axis axis machining capabilities. Also learn how to define and manage NC programs dedicated to machining parts designed with Surface or Solid geometry using 3-Axis machining techniques. Finally, learn how to define and manage NC programs to machine Surface or Solid geometry using 5-Axis machining techniques.

Fundamental Topics:

  • NC Review
  • Introduction: Workbench Presentation
  • Creating a Part Operation
  • Import Files
  • Tool Path Verification
  • Generating Outputs (APT Source - NC Code HTML document)
  • Basic Tasks
  • Tool Management
  • Defining Axial Operations
  • Generating Auxiliary Operations in the Part
  • Operation
  • Managing Design Changes
  • Facing
  • Pocketing
  • Profile contouring
  • Curve following
  • Point to point
  • Transition Paths (macros)
  • Creating a Machining Feature
  • Geometrical Zone
  • Machining/Slope Area Creation
  • Rework Area Creation
  • Offset Group Creation


CATIA Introduction to Modeling or CATIA Introduction to Non-Designers


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