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CATIA Knowledge Advisor and Expert

Duration: 2 Days

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Learn to create and use knowledge objects (parameters, formulas, checks and rules), and create design configurations and catalogues using design tables. Additionally, learn the functionalities of CATIA V5 Knowledge Expert: creation and using of expert rules, expert checks, solving of rule bases, generation of check reports. For the creation of rules and check, learn how to use the Object Browser of Knowledge Expert.

Fundamental Topics:

Course topics in Knowledge Advisor include:
  • Create user parameters
  • Define checks, formulas, rules, reactions, list
  • Create design table
Course topics in Knowledge Expert include:
  • Create a rule base and a rule set
  • Create an expert rule
  • Create an expert set
  • Create expert rules or expert checks on UDF
  • Navigate the object browser
  • Access the Expert Check/Rule in the Check/Rule body
  • Solve a rule base
  • Generate a check report
  • Perform a Global Analysis of Checks
  • Work with rule bases and catalogs


CATIA Introduction to Modeling

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CATIA V5 Knowledge Advisor & Expert

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