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CATIA Advanced Surface Design

Duration: 3 Days

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This course expands on the knowledge learned in the CATIA: Introduction to Surface Design training course by covering advanced curve and surface topics found in the Generative Shape Design Workbench. Topics include: advanced curve construction, advanced swept, blend and offset surface construction, complex fillet creation, and the use of laws. Curve and surface analysis are introduced to validate the student’s geometry. Tools and methods for rebuilding geometry are also discussed. As with the CATIA: Introduction to Surface Design training course, meeting model specifications (such as continuity settings) remains forefront in introducing tools and methodologies.

Fundamental Topics:

  • Surface Design Overview
  • Advanced Wireframe Elements
  • Curve Analysis and Repair
  • Swept Surfaces
  • Blend Surfaces
  • Adaptive Sweep
  • Laws
  • Advanced Surface Fillets
  • Alternative Filleting Methods
  • Duplication Tools
  • Knowledge Templates
  • Surface Analysis and Repair
  • Offset Surfaces
  • Project Exercises


CATIA Introduction to Surface Design

Course description shown for CATIA V5-6R2018.
Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.



CATIA V5 Advanced Surface Design CATIA Advanced Surface Design

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