Course Descriptions

CATIA Administration

Duration: 1 Day

Current Class Schedule and Pricing

In this course students will learn how to install, customize and maintain CATIA site. This course is for Unix and Windows 2000/XP System Administrators and CATIA/ENOVIA key application & support engineers.

Fundamental Topics:

  • Installing CATIA on Windows and Unix platforms with documentation
  • Looking at Licensing system and configurations
  • License management on Windows and Unix
  • CATIA environments and related variables
  • Customized installations and users settings
  • Lock and set default settings by administrator/root
  • Organize CATIA data with DLNames
  • Customizing general and drafting standards
  • Upgrading from CATIA service packs approach
  • Procedures for automatic installation checking on Windows and Unix
  • Distributing CATIA on Windows and Unix clients
  • A view of various batch tools
  • Over viewing of UNIX/Windows and V4/V5 interoperability


Familiarity with workstation operation, basic operating system commands, and the basic system editor is recommended.


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