Why Choose ENOVIA V6 for PLM

ENOVIA V6 from Dassault Systèmes is a robust PLM system that offers users online global collaboration and a single platform for IP management. Thanks to integration with CAD, Microsoft Office, and other tools, users can work in their native apps. The modern, web-services based architecture enables users to work in web browsers, via mobile devices and through other portals.

ENOVIA V6 improves product lifecycle management in the following ways:
  1. Requirements management from the unstructured front-end to structured final requirements. Businesses today recognize the value of capturing customer feedback from online social collaboration and crowdsourcing. Dassault’s tools including ENOVIA and its 3DSwYm social innovation platform, link that information to structured product development processes.

  3. Product planning and programs. Through its system of invisible governance, ENOVIA eliminates delays related to sharing project status, and keeps teams coordinated and working to accurate schedules, in real-time.

  5. Strategic supplier relationships. With ENOVIA’s embedded supplier engagement, latency in communication between manufacturers and suppliers disappears. The result is secure collaboration based on a real-time, single point of truth.

  7. Global product development. ENOVIA supports true, multi-disciplinary, multi-CAD collaboration, including MCAD, ECAD, and ALM integration points for capturing mechanical, electrical, and software design data. All types of information are unified under one master, connected Engineering BOM.

  9. Quality and compliance. Depending on your industry, your organization may need to deal with regulatory compliance, material compliance, or internal protocols. ENOVIA ensures that the proper supporting documents are captured and that any required approvals are obtained with electronic signatures.

  11. IP classification and security. ENOVIA offers a secure framework that supports global collaboration and IP reuse. ENOVIA supports governmental regulations such as ITAR and EAR, as well as other IP security standards.

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