Successfully Implementing a PLM System

Success with PLM depends on a clear business strategy, good planning, dedicated support, and solid execution of the plan.

Here are three tips for ensuring success during a PLM system implementation:
  1. Develop a plan and establish project goals. It’s important to step back, analyze the organization’s processes related to the product lifecycle, and identify where key decisions are made. It can be helpful to work with outside experts like Rand 3D, to identify the knowledge that should be captured by the PLM system, as well as what information and decisions must be documented and managed. Establishing project goals and the project scope is also essential.

  3. Work with leaders to set expectations and get organizational buy-in. Executive buy-in for a PLM system is a must. Once buy-in is obtained, employees can be notified about the new approach to product lifecycle management and what to expect. Rand 3D’s experts can assist with a project plan that includes key milestones and resources.

  5. Get expert implementation advice. Working with an expert team can make implementing a PLM system faster, more economical, and more successful than trying to go it alone. Rand 3D helps organizations ensure success through project plans, implementation, and training for end users about how the PLM system integrates with existing processes. Expert advice means better and faster decision-making throughout the implementation process.

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