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Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense suppliers face significant pressure to improve gross margins, revenues and market share. To succeed, this means reducing time to market, increasing operational efficiency, and innovating rapidly. Yet achieving these goals can be challenging for small and medium sized suppliers.

Many companies need tools to proactively manage the bidding process, increase collaboration across teams, and efficiently put data, information, and industry knowledge to work.

Learn how Rand 3D can help small and medium sized suppliers grow profitably through the Dassault Systèmes solution tailored for Aerospace & Defense:

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To gain market share, automotive companies and their suppliers are striving to improve their production and engineering capabilities, increase innovation, and manage global partnerships. The key to success is connecting islands of information, as well as unifying people and processes through a single, integrated platform. 

Learn how Rand 3D can help analyze business opportunities, win business, and deliver on time and on budget with the Dassault Systèmes solution:

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Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment suppliers are responsible for more than just standalone machines. They manufacture and support the complex assembly lines that support plants worldwide. To speed decision-making and reduce time to market, industrial equipment suppliers must share information in real-time with all stakeholders, maintain bill of materials, incorporate simulation into the product design process, and more. Using a single, integrated platform improves project management, collaboration, and innovation.

Learn how Rand 3D can help infuse design, manufacturing, and service intelligence into every aspect of your business with the Dassault Systèmes solution:

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