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What's New in Creo 4.0


During the webcast, Natasha covered the major enhancements and new functionality added to Creo 4.0 Parametric.

Interface Appearance Enhancements
Understanding Creo Parametric Basic Controls
Mini Toolbar Enhancement
Zoom to selected
Using the Geometry Selection Filter
Customizing the User Interface
General Feature Location Enhancements
Feature Depth Enhancements for Extrude and Revolve
Hole Placement Enhancements
Hole with Top Clearance
Datum Midplane Enhancement
Sketching Text
Sketch References and Constraint Enhancements
Regeneration Status Enhancement
Boolean Operation Enhancements
Flexible Components with Varied Material
Assigning Materials
Creating Driven Dimensions - new Dimension tab
Embedding Images in Drawings
Drawing View Model Replacement
Text and Symbol Fonts Enhancement
Creating Twist Wall Features
Dependency Options for Punch and Die Forms
Edge Bend Enhancements
Flange Feature Enhancements
Flat Pattern and Flatten Form Enhancements

Missed the webcast? Stay tuned for a link to the recording.

What's New in Creo 4.0

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