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Achieving Ultimate Productivity with Composite Part Design for CATIA

On September 6th, COE is hosting an 'Ask the Expert' session featuring Rand 3D's Iouri Apanovitch. We invite you to join in!


Composite Part Design for CATIA 
September 6th, 2017

Presenter: Iouri Apanovitch

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CATIA's Composite Part Design (CPD) workbench has an industry-leading suite of tools for the design of laminated parts. While the CPD's manual ply definition and zone-based approach are the two most commonly used design methods, the latest and most efficient additions to the toolset are frequently overlooked.

This session will focus on the Grid-Based approach, which is the newest design methodology now implemented in the CPD workbench. The Grid-Based composite design is a breakthrough technology enabling the fastest and most efficient design of large and complex structures, such as fuselage barrels, wing panels and boat hulls, in context of their mating sub-structures.

Topics covered in this webcast:
  • Specifying ply materials
  • Defining grid panel and structural groups
  • Virtual stacking management
  • Ply generation from virtual stacking
  • Ply generation from solid slicing
  • Defining ramps and drop-offs
  • Solid and IML generation
  • Fiber deviation and ply draping analysis
  • Flat pattern generation and export

About the Presenter:

For over 20 years, Iouri Apanovitch has provided design, consulting and training services to assist clients with product development and design process improvements, predominantly in the fields of CAD/CAE/FEA. His primary area of expertise is product analysis and simulation with FEA tools including linear and non-linear simulations, dynamics, fatigue, and analysis of laminated composites. 

Iouri is a Professional Engineer with a Doctorate degree in FEA, and holds certifications as a CATIA Certified Professional (Expert level) and CATIA Certified Instructor.


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