Monumental Savings on Key CATIA V5 Products – Save up to 50% off software!

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For CATIA V5 PLM Express customers:

Mechanical Product Creation (MCE) provides the de-facto standard for mechanical product design excellence, and includes:
  • PDG (Part Design 2)
  • ASD (Assembly Design 2)
  • GS1 (Generative Shape Design 1)
  • FM1 (Functional Molded Parts 1)
Mechanical Shape Design (HDX) provides a first class solution for mechanical shape design, and includes:
  • GSD (Generative Shape Design 2)
  • FS1 (FreeStyle Shaper 1)
Fabricated Product Creation (FPE) provides a complete and efficient solution ranging from sheet metal parts to progressive dies design, and includes:
  • SMD (Sheet Metal Design 2)
  • WD1 (Weld Design 1)
Mold Tooling Creation (MTE) provides an integrated environment for overall tooling design and manufacturing preparation, and includes:
  • MTD (Mold Tooling Design 2)
  • CCV (Core & Cavity Design 2)
  • PDG (Part Design 2)
  • ASD (Assembly Design 2)
  • GS1 (Generative Shape Design 1)
  • HA1 (Healing Assistant 1)
  • FR1 (Part Design Feature Recognition 1)
  • TG1 (Tooling Design 1)

For CATIA V5 Classic customers:

Sheet Metal Design 2 (SMD) allows users to design sheet metal parts in a very intuitive and productive environment.
  • STEP Core Interface (ST1) allows users to read and write data in STEP AP214 and STEP AP203 data formats, allowing you to interface with other companies who have a standard (non-CATIA) CAD format.
  • Generative Shape Design 2 (GSD) allows users to design advanced shapes that are based upon a combination of wireframe and extensive multiple surfaces. It includes high-level features with full specification capture and reuse.

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