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Creo 4.0 Update Webcast
June 8, 2017

Presenter: Mike Brucker

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During the webcast, learn about the major enhancements and new functionality added to Creo 4.0 Parametric.
  • Interface Appearance Enhancements
  • Feature Depth enhancements for Extrude and Revolve
  • Sketching Text
  • Regneration Status Enhancement
  • Boolean Operations Enhancements
  • Creating Driven Dimensions - new Dimension tab
  • Text and Symbol Fonts Enhancements


CATIA DM1 Viewer Webcast
June 15, 2017
Presenter: Iouri Apanovitch

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During the webcast, Iouri will cover key functionality of the DM1 Viewer Tools, including Opening and Viewing Internal information in native CATIA models and performing measurements when modification of data isn't required. 

In this webcast, learn to:
  • Open a Part in DM1 Viewer
  • View 3D Functional Tolerancing & Dimensioning in the Tree
  • Pan, Zoom, Rotate, and Measure the model
  • Take Screen shots of different Displays of the model
  • Print Screen captures



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